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Thingamablog 1.5 is released!

Posted by Bob at 10:16 AM on Monday, November 23, 2009

Thingamablog 1.5: A Call For Testers and Translators!

Thingamablog is back from the dead with a new release (version 1.5) right around the corner. The forums will be back soon as well. Everything is moving to a new, more flexible, web host at which should provide for some interesting stuff in the future.

This is a call for testers and translators. Quite a few new features have been added, and lots of things have been reworked. In addition, Large portions of the translations need to be done from the previous version.

The first beta can be downloaded here

  • Windows installer
  • Linux .deb file
  • Linux .rpm file
  • Zip file for any platform

Beta 2 is here

There is also a guide for translating Thingamablog for anyone interesting in translating Thingamablog to other languages.

Posted by Bob at 10:16 AM on Sunday, November 15, 2009

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