Download Thingamablog 1.5.1

Select the file appropriate for your platform below.

Add-on spellcheck dictionaries

Thingamablog ships with an English dictionary only. However, you can download a dictionary for whichever language you need from OpenOffice extensions.

First, go to the OpenOffice dictionary page and download the dictionary zip file appropriate for your language. Next, simply copy the downloaded zip file to <INSTALL_DIR>/dictionaries, where <INSTALL_DIR> is the location where you installed Thingamablog. After the file is copied, restart Thingamablog and go to Configure/Options and select the dictionary from the drop-down list.

The spell checker should now be able to spell check your language.

System requirements

Thingamablog requires Java 1.6 or higher.
Java can be downloaded free of charge from

Note that Java is cross-platform so Thingamablog will run on any platform on which Java can run.

Installing from the Windows installer

  • Download the installer
  • Double click the file thinga-setup.exe to start the install
  • Follow the instructions

After the installer completes, it will place a shortcut on your desktop and start menu from which you can launch Thingamablog.

Installing from the ZIP file

  • Download the ZIP file
  • Save it to the folder where you want to install Thingamablog
  • Run the unzip command or use an appropriate unzip-program to extract Thingamablog
  • To start Thingamablog, use the run.bat (under Windows) or (under Unixes)